Does The Void Necklace Glow In The Dark?

The Void Necklace doesn’t have luminescent material, therefore it does not glow in the dark.

Does The Void Necklace Pendant Rotate?

The Pendant is not capable of rotating.

How Many Stars/Cores Are In The Void Ball?

The Void Ball can have either one or two stars/cores depending on the void you choose to explore

Does The Void Ball come in a box?

The Void Ball is nearly packaged in a black box upon delivery.

I Want A Refund What Now?

If you’re unsatisfied with your order, you can ship it back to us at our warehouse in the United States. You’re order must be in the condition it came in and within 30 days of delivery in order to do this. Contact customer support if you wish to follow through with this option.

Alternatively if you never received your order, we will verify tracking information with you and the shipping companies and after verifying we'll send you either another void ball or give you a full refund.